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Healthcare Professionals
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Message from our Medical Director

On my behalf and on behalf of the medical administration, I would like to welcome you to our electronic site at Bellevue Medical Center.
Our hospital mission is community oriented and meant to be a harbor of harmony and friendship between healthcare professionals and BMC employees that will reflect positively on our excellent care quality, combined to compassion and patients utmost satisfaction.
We are dedicated to support our doctors and all our employees into their daily tasks and help them reach Excellency, develop and maintain it at its highest level.
We are also decided to put all our beneficial resources in healthcare at the service of the community, by aiming to develop continuous new programs at BMC covering primary and secondary prevention in all pathologies and disciplines.
By taking care of the current generations and the future young ones, we contribute in building a brighter life and better health.

Ghassan Maalouf
Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine- St. Joseph University
Medical Director & VP for Medical Affairs, Bellevue Medical Center
Ambassador Of the Musculoskeletal Alliance International
Honorary President of PAOS
Honorary President of LOPS
Founder of the Fragility Fracture Network.
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