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Message from our Chief of Staff

It is my great honor and pleasure to speak on behalf of my colleagues at Bellevue Medical Center and on my behalf to welcome you in our Role model hospital that will provide the best healthcare services in Lebanon and the Middle East.

At BMC We are proud to present our dedicated and highly qualified physicians, who are driven by a unique force of innovation and compassion in caring for patients. We will always strive to offer the best of our expertise, Knowledge each one in his own field and specialties .We will always maintain our level of competence at its highest, and be able to provide the most accurate diagnosis and therapy combined to a high level of human values.

The patient’s safety and his family will be our main motivation, and the spirit of “team work” will be one of our guidelines and mottos. Staying up to date and maintaining our competence according to our medical colleges will be a must. Our Medical milieu will also be a role model and we will make it a motivating environnement where it will be a great pleasure and challenge to blossom and shine. 

Together, with the great support and goodness of the medical director and administrative team, joined with all your will and enthusiasm to be a part of this great endeavor,  we will reach with strong confidence our objectives and establish our BMC as a very high profile referral national and international medical center.


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