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"Sunshine in a bag" a workshop organized by Ziakonia
October 2017

Sunshine in a Bag!

Because cancer is being perceived as the most frightening sickness that a person could currently get, Ziakonia has launched the “Fight the Fright” concept to support cancer patients together with their caregivers.

Since 2013, Ziakonia has performed seven “Fight the Fright” activities at LIQAA convention center & hotel for cancer patients and their caregivers. The aim of those weekends is to get the cancer patient together with his caregiver spend a weekend in a specially customized environment where all the resources are available to get them to express their worries, frustrations, experience, pain... with other patients/caregivers, Ziakonia support members, specialists..., and to get in return a descent dose of motivation.

On 14 & 15 of October, a number of BMC's chemotherapy patients participated in the "Sunshine in a bag" therapy workshops (music, dance, laughter, drama, esthetic tips for females, relaxation and stress management ...) given by specialized experts together with Ziakonia volunteers at LIQAA hotel Rabweh.

Participants had access to:
"Quiet rooms" for people aiming to share in private
"Spiritual support" on demand
Motivation sessions for patients and caregivers
Cine club
Testimonials by cancer survivors and other caregivers
Motivation tools and freebees for patients and caregivers