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'Kick Breast Cancer" Football Game
October 2017

Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) Supports Ministry of Public Health’s Campaign

Kicking breast cancer in a friendly football game with Rizk Hospital

Beirut, Lebanon 2017: In support of the national breast cancer awareness campaign launched by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health under the theme “Kick breast cancer”, the Bellevue Medical Center held a friendly football game against Rizk Hospital, aiming to spread awareness on the disease and its prevention.

Because early detection increases the chances of successful treatment, BMC organized this friendly football game to stress on the importance of sports in cancer prevention and highlight the power of being united in spreading the awareness around the disease, since everybody is at risk. It was as well a sort of reminderfor women to get screened with a mammogram.

BMC has also launched a series of initiatives spreading awareness on breast cancer and encouraging early screening; among which a 50% discount on digital mammography and ultra sound, from October 1st, 2017 until January 31st, 2018, in addition to a social media campaign including videos of specialists offering tips on breast cancer prevention as well as addressing patients’ families with moral support and practical tips that help them assist their loved ones.

Dr. Dia Hassan, President and Chief Executive Officer of BMCstressed on the importance of these activities for the hospital, saying: “Statistics show that one out of eight womenare at risk of breast cancer, hence the importance of early detection on increasing the chances of successful treatment. Everybody is at risk and it is only through early screening that we can fight it, without forgetting the role of family members in reminding their beloved women to get screened with a mammogram, to protect themselves and their families.”